The philosophy and approach of Sewa Bharati originate in Indic beliefs and values regarding Sewa. The volunteers of Sewa Bharati are guided by the credo – “सेवा हि परमो धर्म: ” – Sewa is the biggest virtue / way of life.The actions of Sewa Bharati can be said to be guided by three words – ममता – the feeling that society is mine and I am of society, क्षमता – building capacity and समता  – working towards a harmonious society.

Sewa Bharati’s goal is creation of “समरस समाज” – a society that lives in harmony.Since various deficiencies exist in the society, citizens should contribute to the society. However, this contribution should not be out of charity, but out of a sense of responsibility due to “ममत्व” – मेरा परिवार है i.e., the feeling that the society is my larger family and I am privileged to get a chance to perform Sewa and fulfil my duty.Similarly Sewa Bharati’s philosophy regarding Sewa projects is that all Sewa projects should be temporary so that the people themselves build their capacity (क्षमता) of addressing the problems that they face.

Thus, we don’t encourage dependency, instead we promote self-reliance. We have seen through our projects, hands which were begging turning into independent strong people with contributing hands to the society. And that’s what we call empowerment, and that’s what our dream is: long-term empowerment of the society

Morals of Sewa Bharti:
You cannot help men permanently by doing for them what they could and should do for themselves

  • If you want to lift yourself up, lift up someone else
  • If you want to walk quick, walk alone;but,if you want to walk far, walk together